Category: Ardbeg

Name: Ardbog (Ardbeg)
Spirit Type: Single Malt
Age: 10 years (approximately)
Region: Islay
Year Distilled: 2003-ish
Year Bottled: 2013
Cask Maturation: Bourbon and Manzanilla
Natural Color, Non-chillfiltered
Alcohol %: 52.1%
Color: Amber
Date Purchased: 2013.06
Price: ~100


A 2013 limited release from Ardbeg, “Ardbog” is a uniquely named whisky and an interesting experience.  With Ardbog, Ardbeg is focusing on the peat – the packaging has many images and notes about the things that have been dug up on Isla.  It’s a sort of mini-history lesson.

They’ve combined their core Ardbeg whisky (bourbon-matured) with Manzanilla cask matured Ardbeg.  Manzanilla is a sherry on the fino (or lighter) side of the sherry spectrum.  Quite a different taste from Oloroso and Pedro Ximinez.  Manzanilla is a very dry sherry, and it reminds me of mushrooms and mold.  This oughtta complement the story their trying to tell with Ardbog.  Let’s see what we get… (more…)

Name: Ardbeg Corryvreckan
Spirit Type: Single Malt
Age: Not Specified
Region: Islay
Year Distilled: Not Specified
Year Bottled: 2011
Cask Maturation: Bourbon and French Oak Casks
Alcohol %: 57.1%
Color: Amber + 0.5
Date Purchased: 2012.11
Price: ~$75


Currently one of the core expressions from Ardbeg.  Corryvreckan is bottled at 57.1%, similar to Uigeadail’s 54.2%.  You can enjoy this one neat, but with a little water you’ll get a some additional earthy notes. (more…)

Name: Ardbeg Uigeadail
Spirit Type: Single Malt
Age: Not specified
Region: Islay
Year Distilled: Not specified
Year Bottled: Not specified (probably 2011)
Cask Maturation: Bourbon and Sherry
Alcohol %: 54.1%
Color: Amber + 2 (No color added!)
Date Purchased: 2012.03
Price: $60
No color added, non-chillfiltered


Part of the core Ardbeg range, Uigeadail is a powerhouse at 54.1% alcohol. Perfect for lovers of peat, sherry, and cask strength whiskies, it is a favorite of many Ardbeg lovers. (more…)

Name: Ardbeg Ten Year Old
Spirit Type: Single Malt
Age: 10 years
Region: Islay
Year Distilled: 2001
Year Bottled: 2011
Cask Maturation: 10 years in Bourbon casks
Alcohol %: 46%
Color: Amber – 4 (very pale)
Date Purchased: 2012.07
Price: $45


This is one of the core Ardbeg expressions.  The other two are Uigeadail and Corryvreckan.  The only source I can find states that Ardbeg is matured exclusively in ex-bourbon casks.  This is a bit of a rarity, as usually some sherry casks are also used (Remember – a single expression of whisky is a combination of many casks of whisky, unless of course it is a “single cask” expression). (more…)