Category: Glenmorangie

Name: Glenmoreangie 10 Year “The Original”
Spirit Type: Single Malt
Age: 10
Region: Highland
Year Distilled: 2001
Year Bottled: 2011
Cask Maturation: first and second-fill bourbon
Alcohol %: 43%
Color: Amber
Date Purchased: 2013.03
Price: $40


Made using “the tallest stills in scotland”, Glenmorangie is a delicate spirit and a great whisky for starters because of it’s price and approach-ability.  The tall stills means the heavier flavors don’t make it into the distillate (they are unable to escape the still!).  Glenmorangie has a lot of depth if you want to spend time with it, but is a great standard whisky for when you just feel like a dram. (more…)