Category: Johnnie Walker

Name: Johnnie Walker Blue Label
Spirit Type: Blended Scotch
Age: ~20-30 years
Year Bottled: 1996 or so
Alcohol %: 40%
Color: Amber
Chillfiltered and Colored
Date Purchased: 1997 or so


My Dad has had this bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label on his shelf for many years, and he let me borrow it for a taste (Thanks Dad!).  The bottle was opened around the time it was purchased, and it has been on the shelf about as full as the photo for probably 10 years.  Some oxidation did occur in this time, but the spirit is still quite present


Johnnie Walker Blue Label was first introduced in the 90s as a luxury blend intended to reproduce the character of blends in the 19th century.  The current price seems to be $150-$200, which is incredibly high for a blend.  But technically speaking, given that they have all scotches (grain AND barley) at their disposal, they ought to be able to create the perfect scotch, right?  …. right? (more…)