Whisky Review: Talisker 10 Year

Name: Talisker 10
Spirit Type: Single Malt
Age: 10 years
Region: Islands (Skye)
Year Distilled: N/A (2002?)
Year Bottled: N/A (2012?)
Cask Maturation: Probably all Bourbon
Alcohol %: 45.8%
Color: Amber + 1
Chillfiltered and Colored
Date Purchased: 2012.03
Price: $60


Talisker is the only whisky from the Isle of Skye.  It’s a good one to try if you want to dip your toes into peated whisky. You’ll get some smoke but it still has a very familiar toffee/vanilla flavor common to bourbon-matured whiskies. Is this the only Core/Base Diageo offering bottled at 46%?  I like that.  I could do without the coloring and chill-filtering, though.


Sweet pears, moderate smokiness, and a nice briny saltiness. Faint vanilla and white sugar.  With water (I recommend it), a good bit sweeter and less biting.  Somewhat tricky to nose as the smells are well mixed together and can be hard to pick apart.


Vanilla and a medium sweetness.  Honey, paper, and a little bit of wax.  Slightly bitter, with a lightly syrupy mouthfeel.


Average.  Again, slightly bitter.


Talisker is a great starter malt for the smoke-interested.  If you end up buying it, save some for later.  This was one of the first bottles of whisky I bought, and I found that over time I was able to get more and more out of this whisky.  It is definitely worth your time.

Prices seem to be increasing on this lately, so try to find yourself a nice deal if you want it.  If you can’t get what you want, Caol Ila 12 is another great alternative.

Overall Rating: 87/100

Compare To:

  • Caol Ila 12
  • Bowmore 12



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