Whisky Review: Finlaggan Islay

Name: Finlaggan
Spirit Type: Single Malt
Age: Not Specified
Region: Islay
Year Distilled: Not Specified
Year Bottled: Not Specified
Cask Maturation: Not specified (probably Bourbon Oak)
Alcohol %: 40%
Color: Amber
Date Purchased: 2012.06
Price: ~$20


The mysterious Finlaggan Single Malt is most likely stocked from different distilleries. But it IS a single malt. This means that Finlaggan will probably taste different depending on where and when you buy it, but I have found its quality to be pretty consistent.


Nuts, sweat, and leather. Wet smoke, slight pepper. Salted peaches. Medium-rich sweetness.


Lots of nice tasting black pepper. Some salt, toffee, and smoke. Average mouthfeel. Not terribly complex, but what it has is tasty.


Pepper, toffee, slightly bitter lemon.


Well worth $20, and a great cheapie to keep on the shelf. ┬áIf it’s available to you (I find mine at Trader Joe’s), I recommend trying a bottle!

Overall Rating: 80/100

Compare To:

  • Bowmore Legend
  • Caol Ila 12
  • Laphroaig 10
  • Ardbeg 10



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