Bonsai update

I went through a couple weeks ago and took photos off my current “Bonsai” collection. They’re still quite young, but growing very nicely. The gallery is here. I think a couple of my other plants snuck in there, too. I’ve got a spicy pepper plant that’s doing really well this year.
Notable plants include this Jacaranda, which is one of a family of around eight that I have:

It has some really nice growth along the trunk that’s hard to get going on a Jacaranda (in my experience).

Then there’s the Oak I bought at a bonsai show last year. It was on the bargain/junk rack, and I liked it. It’s coming along nicely:

I’m fond of my Dwarf Pomegranates, as well. I’ve grown them from seeds, which I got from the fruit of a co-worker’s tree. I have five of them, but this one has been outside most of the time, and is looking quite strong:

I’ve got some nice Lilikoi growing (that’s Passion Fruit), too. I got the seeds in Hawaii over Christmas, and I was unaware that they are actually a vine. So I put in some effort and planted them in a nice planter with a small trellis to climb up. I’m working on a Japanese Boxwood that I bought at Lowe’s, too, but I haven’t quite figured out what I want to do with it yet.

At any rate, it’s starting to be a pretty big collection. I’m gonna need a more space pretty soon!

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