Hand Pulled Noodles

So I’ve been working on getting a recipe and technique together to make hand pulled noodles, or la mian. I’m basically done at this point, and I’m going to make a series of posts that talk about everything. I tried a while back to find a recipe and instruction on how to make said noodles, but came up dry after hours of searching on the internet. I found a few “recipes” that were mostly just guidelines, and the only instructions came in the form of some kind of video in front of a noodle shop. slim pickins. So I decided to put together something that would help the online community, and the picture in this post is of noodles that I pulled myself. So my next post will talk about ingredients, and then I’ll go from there.

In videogames, I’m still on a turn based strategy kick. I’ve picked up Disgaea for the PSP. It’s leaps and bounds better than Jeanne D’Arc. The key to why it’s better is that it’s just really fast. The gameplay is smokin’ in comparison to Jeanne D’Arc. Plus, there’s all kinds of neat stuff like the item world and throwing characters around. Funny thing is, I played Disgaea for the PS2 when it came out way back when. I beat it, and I remembered it being good, but i guess i forgot.


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    1. Jamie July 20, 2008 2:10 pm 

      This is awesome. Thank you very much, this is much more informative than anything else I’ve seen on the web.

      I’m wondering though, have you had any success with recipe’s using only all-purpose flour? Is it possible, with a little extra kneading, to compensate for the higher gluten content?

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