Professor Layton: Love and Hate

Ok, Professor Layton is a good game. But god damn, every once in a while one of those puzzles just makes me angry. Specifically, puzzle no 116:

Now, when the instructions say “any three numbers” and “vertically, horizontally, or diagonally”, I’m gonna expect that EVERY row and EVERY column must add to the same amount, not just the middle row and middle column. I spent about 30 minutes playing around under that impression, only to find out I was doing it wrong (the answer for what i thought it was is 47, by the way). I was a little frustrated by that. Only problem is, I’m not really sure how it should be worded to make it any better…

Or take puzzle no. 67. It’s simply not solvable on your own. There isn’t enough information.

That being said, it’s a good game. You take the bad with the good, i guess.


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