Photo Gallery Maker 1.2

After I built my new computer, I went to put a photo gallery together and realized my Photo Gallery app ran at about the same speed as it did on my old PC.  I was running all the thumbnailing and image scaling in a single thread, so it was only taking advantage of one core (and I have a simulated EIGHT in my new PC) no matter what.  So I fixed it.

Photo Gallery Maker 1.2 has support for multi-core systems.  It will run ([number of simulated cores] / 2 + 1) threads for thumbnailing and image scaling.  Just about every system available today should see a noted improvement from version 1.1.

There was also some funny stretching going on with the thumbnails on the generated web page.  I fixed that too.

Download Photo Gallery Maker 1.2.

For more info, see the 1.1 post or the original announcement.

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