Photo Gallery Maker for Picasa

I was playing around with Picasa the other day and decided to see what it would take to plug my Photo Gallery Maker gallery into Picasa.  Turns out it’s relatively easy.  I’ll save the “How does this thing work” post for later.  For now, I’ve posted an installer and a zip of the templates.  I’ve only tested the installer on Windows 64-bit, so if it doesn’t work you can download the .zip and do a manual install.

You’ll need one of these:

PGMForPicasa0.1.exe – The Installer – a zip of the templates

To Install Manually

Unzip the contents of to (by default) “C:\Program Files\Google\Picasa\web\templates“.  That’s the default install directory.  On my Windows 7 PC it’s actually “C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Picasa3\web\templates”

How To Use It

Here’s how to use the templates in Picasa once you’ve got them installed:

  1. Select a folder or album
  2. Go to Folder (or Album)->Export as HTML Page…
  3. Picasa menu for exporting HTML gallery

  4. It’ll show you a dialog like this:Picasa Export Dialog with PGM Templates
  5. Choose your image size (I may attempt to force a larger export size in a later version), select a destination, and click export.
  6. Picasa will create an album just like those created by Photo Gallery Maker and you can use it however you like.


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