Character Builder 1.3 known issues

I’ve gotten a few emails through my issue submission from in the Character Builder, and I thought I’d jot down the current list to keep track of things. I’m not sure when I’ll get to fixing things, but I’ll be sure to post when I do (and the builder will be updated as well). What I’ve got so far are the following problems:

  • Druids begin with three at-will attack powers, but this is not reflected in the builder. For now, you’ll have to put them on your Character Sheet manually.
  • Armor Proficiency (Plate) is missing.
  • Potent Challenge is missing.
  • When manually entering ability scores, you are not given the ability to add stat points if you level up. I may leave this as is, since manual entry was originally intended to be 100% manual.
  • Stats on the final character sheet (PDF) may be incorrect. Make sure you double-check them.
  • On the PDF, it appears that only the 1/2 lvl value is factored into ATT BONUS in the Attack Workspace.
Feel free to post additional issues in the comments section here.

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  1. Luke Rymarz says:

    I got an email from David, who was having some trouble with getting the character sheet to show up in Adobe. His comment was:

    "Adobe Pro vs Adobe Reader. It opens fine with Adobe Reader 9. Even with the drag and drop into IE, I had Pro set as the default viewer so it was not allowing the data to come across."

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