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Ok, so the Facebook folks have cleared up the problems I was having publishing an app I wrote, and I thought I’d do a quick writeup to announce it.  It’s a relatively simple app for viewing your friends’ albums.  I had one main goal:

View all your friends’ photos without having to load multiple webpages 

Facebook is particularly frustrating for me in that every photo is on its own web page.  It’s good because they can load new ads for you, but awful for a person who want to take a quick look through an album.  So I put together an app I named SlickPhoto:

I wrote this app in Flex, which means it’s a Flash app.  Now, it started with a single goal, but I ended up with some features that are worth noting:

  1. Download any Facebook album as a zip file – Good for Facebook stalkers ;)
  2. Slideshows – View any album as a slideshow
  3. Full Screen Mode – Both browsing and slideshows can be viewed in full screen mode.
  4. Link to albums – You can create a link that will load directly into an album you want to view in SlickPhoto.  You can email this link to your friends so they can go directly into SlickPhoto to look at your album.
It’s a relatively simple interface, so you can jump right in by going directly to SlickPhoto, or you can view the application profile before you start using it (although there isn’t much there at the moment).  Note that SlickPhoto, like all my other Flash-based apps, has a form for submitting bugs so if you run into any problems feel free to contact me that way.
Now, if I could just figure out how to add search tags so people can find it easier through the Facebook search interface….

2 Responses to “Facebook Photo Browser: SlickPhoto”

  1. arjun says:


    Your application works great. I need your help in fetching album and photos from the facebook. I have working the examples provided in http://www.adobe.com/devnet/facebook/samples/index.html. here i am able to fetch userdata but album and photos are showing empty even thought i have albums and photos in my account.
    expecting i am missing some while creating application.
    note: i have setup application type as desktop in advance settings

    Please help me out…

    below is my part of code for fetching data.

    private function getPhotoAlbums():void {
    var call:FacebookCall = fbook.post(new GetAlbums(fbook.uid));
    call.addEventListener(FacebookEvent.COMPLETE, handleGetAlbumsResponse);


    private function handleGetAlbumsResponse(e:FacebookEvent):void {
    var albumsResponseData:GetAlbumsData = e.data as GetAlbumsData;

    if (!albumsResponseData || e.error){ // an error occurred
    status.text = “Error”;

    facebookPhotoAlbums = new ArrayCollection();

    for(var i:int = 0; i < albumsResponseData.albumCollection.length; i++){


    private function handleGetPhotosResponse(e:FacebookEvent):void {
    var photosResponseData:GetPhotosData = e.data as GetPhotosData;

    if (!photosResponseData || e.error){ // an error occurred
    status.text = "Error";

    facebookPhotos = new ArrayCollection();

    for(var i:int = 0; i < photosResponseData.photoCollection.length; i++){

  2. lrymarz says:

    Hi Arjun,

    Are you setting your API Key and Secret Key correctly in the sample apps from the Adobe page? I downloaded the third sample and thought it was broken until I remembered that I had to set the API Key and Secret key. After that it worked fine.

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